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Help other people collect data to make change.

What is Data Brew

Data Brew is a process that uses open data and readily available technology to encourage conversation and collaboration between communities and others. It can lead to projects that seek to solve issues that affect a neighbourhood, estate or town.

Civic activists, third sector organisations and local authorities can also set up their own data campaigns for free on the Data Brew platform.

Attract people

Create new contact list from local people to around the world. Learn about what issues they care about.

Open data

If you launch a data campaign all the information gathered is yours and yours forever, we do encourage you to share it.

A basis to form projects

Data Brew is a great way to attract new people into your organisation and create new projects.

Free digital engagement

It is a no brainier, boosting your presence online is always a good idea and Data Brew can help you that.


Running a Data Brew campaign helps you learn about resources such as open data, civic tech, social media and builds digital competence.


If words such as open data and civic tech could seem confusing to some professionals, how will that come across to residents? Let's change that.

Funding evidence

Gather evidence for preparing tenders and reporting on progress.

Attract people

Running your own campaign is a fantastic to attract new people to your project and even bring you to new audiences.

Current campaigns

Here's a list of projects you can get involved with


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